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Welcome - Chairman's Report June 2014

We are now officially in Winter, and although it has been very wet lately, we seem to be lucky in that it hasn't been exceptionally cold - as yet anyway.

There hasn't been much happening socially since we stopped the Happy Hours for the winter but we did have the usual Barn Dance, however it was a bit different this year as a lot of our regular supporters seemed to be genuinely busy that weekend.  Somehow or other the DJ had been double booked and was not available for us, however we decided to go ahead with it anyway, and provided our own music.  About 60 people came, and Im sure I can say that no one had a bad time!!  One bonus was that people could sit and talk, because the music wasn't too loud.

We need to re-address the naming of this event, as people still think it's a "Ho Down" (which it certainly isn't) and probably the timing of the event which we will address before the next one.


Terry Hunter


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